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Conditions of property purchase in Turkey

In Turkey due to the growing number of young people, the expert labor force, geopolitical position, and significant economic growth are among the top foreign investors. today, buying a home in Turkey has become a necessity for some of the real estate investors. for this reason, having enough information in this area can play an important role in making decisions about this issue. buying a home in Turkey is a big decision that, in addition to the investment aspect, can also change your living conditions. you consider invoices for buying property anywhere in the world. these factors also are included for buying a property in Turkey too.

The city of Izmir, known as the sixth ideal cities in the world, is an ideal place for investing and living. In this regard, you can read the article: Those who invest in Turkey are winners. buying a property in Izmir can be a decision that will give you a safe and comfortable life. some factors such as the security of buying home contract in Turkey, home insurance, conditions for studying at schools and universities (Izmir is the second academic city in Turkey), living expenses (Izmir is a free trade area), getting health insurance, treatment costs, rules of protecting foreign investors are the only part of ideal conditions for buying property, makes Izmir as an ideal city for living.

Increasing property buyers in Turkey

According to central bank (TCMB) data, over the period of 2017-2003, “Turkey has earned $ 42 billion from home sales to foreigners”. on the other hand, house selling to foreigners increased by 20% compared to the same period in 2017 in the first three months of 2018 (“110,905 homes were sold in Turkey in March”). the real estate giants in Turkey hoped for 2018 sales (“the real estate giants in Turkey hoped for 2018”), and now, according to forecasts, the sale increase is expected in 2019. it is also expected to increase the value of property in Turkey in the next few years. in this regard, you can also read “the benefits of buying property for foreigners in Turkey”.The desire of EU member states citizens to buy property in Turkey also increases day by day. In this regard, 44% of the 140,832 foreign citizens who have invested in Turkey through buying property and land about $ 18 billion are citizens of the EU member states. you can read more about this issue in the article: “the increase European interest for buying property in Turkey”.

Culture in Turkey

People of this country are very kind, hospitable, friendly and warm-blooded. It should be noted that polygamy is illegal in Turkey. there is no neighborhood without a cafe and restaurant. most people, either old or young, spend their free time sitting and talking with their friends in the cafe and restaurant. Most women gather together with friends and neighbors in one place. we suggest studying 10 Interesting facts about Turkey.

One of the things that Turkey is always known for it, is the existence of vibrant neighborhoods. in fact, architectural structures are one of the key determinants of urban culture and neighborly relations. moving from a neighborhood culture to apartments has made the apartments appear as a small representative of the neighborhoods. (you can have more information about this topic in the article: The neighboring culture that you must know before living in Turkey”). apartments are considered as inevitable architectural structures in modern urban culture. of course, in recent years, large residential complexes, conventional complexes, and independent homes are more interested than apartments. but dwelling culture and intimate relationships between neighbors retain and will continue for many years. Turks are very concerned about neighborhood relationships, so that, in some cases, neighborhood relationships in Turkey are stronger than family ties. the great development of neighborhood relationships makes neighbors to be unified in any situation. read more about “dwelling culture and neighborhood relationships in Turkey”.

Steps of buying property in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey is available for foreigners with every budget and tastes. note that house prices in Turkey are not low. therefore, the promise of buying a home in Turkey at very low prices or long installments is merely a propaganda issue. to make a definite deal and purchase a home in Turkey, a copy of the passport and its official translation in Turkish and 6 photos are required to sign the contract of purchase and have the house. our lawyers are taking all legal and administrative steps to buy property for you in Turkey. according to the last laws and regulations for the sale of real estate to foreigners, it takes about three months to buy a property in Turkey, completion of the registration of the property and receipt of the document. according to the latest law, if there is at least one sale to a non-Turkish citizen in a complex, there is no need for an inquiry. and the document will be transferred within 48 hours. for more information, click on the article: Buy a home and have a comfortable life in Turkey”.

Immovable property sales to foreigners in Turkey

The rules for buying immovable property by foreign individuals are specified in the registration code No. 2644. we have provided the relevant laws and issues that needed to be clarified in the article: Immovable property sales to foreigners in Turkey”.

The law of reciprocity

The law of reciprocity, which placed a major obstacle for buying a property in Turkey by foreigners, has been removed under the changes created in Law 2644 of March 18, 2012. although these changes make it easier for foreigners to buy or sell land and real estate in Turkey, this process still has its own complexity. we will be with you in it’s all steps.

Given that foreign investment in Turkey has been risen to $ 5 billion annually and is expected to increase over the coming years, it’s not bad to know the answers to common questions in this field. You can read questions about the sale of immovable property to foreigners and discuss the steps and costs by clicking on the article: Immovable property sales to foreigners in Turkey”.

Issued documents in Turkey

Tapo (Document in Turkey) is a legal document for the permit of an absolute right to the acquired property in Turkey. in relation to the immovable property ownership right, the issued documents by the Office of Registry are set in two different colors based on their content: red (pink) and blue. the difference in each of these colors indicates the purpose of issuing the document. you can click on the article: Types of title deeds in Turkey and Learn more about this topic.

The possibility of residence for foreigners who buy property in Turkey

Like many other foreign countries, Turkey will give citizenship to those who invest, buy immovable property and create entrepreneurship for foreigners. important changes have occurred in Turkish citizenship laws this year. the conditions and financial criteria for investment that foreigners have to comply with for Turkish citizenship have already been reduced and facilitated, which can make changes to facilitate Turkish citizenship. you can study the changes that happened in facilitating Turkish citizenship by clicking on the article: Get Turkish Citizenship for $250,000. considering the amendment of the Turkish Citizenship Law, investment and buying immovable property worth $ 250,000 will be sufficient in cash to obtain foreign citizenship. we have provided the steps for referring to the citizenship and required documents for the Turkish citizenship process in the article: Requirements of getting Turkish citizenship and the related legal acts”.

Which countries are forbidden to buy immovable property in Turkey?

The law on foreign property purchases in Turkey was amended and according to the new law, citizens of the countries that benefit the law or are subjected to restrictions are identified. according to the new regulations, citizens of 129 countries can purchase land and immovable properties from Turkey without any limitations. for citizens of 52 countries, the license is required by the Ministry of Interior. you can study the name of relevant countries and regulations in the article: “which countries are forbidden from buying immovable property in Turkey?”

sterling consultation and assistance in buying property

Buying property in Turkey, basically, any other asset, such as land, hotel, home and etc., often requires expertise and experience, because the process sometimes has complications that make it harder. Such actions also rarely happen during people’s lives. as a result, a person can’t be experienced and expert through personal experience in this field. our company service will provide you with a clear view of the issue when you decide to buy a home in Turkey. In the case of buying property, the investor must be aware of the social sciences, the exact statistics and living conditions in the interested country. it’s natural that not all people have such knowledge. in this case, it is necessary to refer to a reliable and trustworthy consultant. a consultant that not only specializes in buying and selling property in Turkey but also can provide you peace of mind.

We are specialized in selling property in Izmir. The experienced team of AIPAC Oasis, with full knowledge of Izmir’s regions and neighborhoods, has a brilliant background in this area and can be with you in all the stages of <<buying property in Turkey>>. evidence of this claim is the customers who have already bought our home in Turkey, especially in the city of Izmir, through our company. If you would like to contact previous customers, we can provide it.

Izmir; a princess with the most beautiful hat

“Izmir is like a princess with a beautiful hat”. Victor Marie Hugo, a French poet. Izmir and the image of her beautiful hills, hidden in the clouds, are so charming. Izmir is the most fascinating city in Turkey that was the birthplace of celebrities like Homer. The city has progressed globally, and nowadays it has placed modern business centers in its corner.

Izmir is the most ideal city for living. wide streets, glass buildings, and countless commercial centers that have legacies from their ancient history. combining this modernity with old traditional houses and red roofs, even in new buildings, churches, mosques, and high-rise structures such as Fulcart’s twin skyscrapers, which are the fifth twin towers in Europe, still can be seen in Izmir. The Mediterranean attitude is much higher, but nevertheless, its Turkish icon is such that it catches you. To learn more about the beautiful city of İzmir, read the article: “Izmir; a princess with the most beautiful hat”.

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