Employment in Turkey

Employment Conditions in Turkey

Turkey is the sixth Superior economy in the European Union. Turkey has attracted about $ 94 billion over the last eight years and is one of the most attractive countries in the world for businessmen and entrepreneurs. The country’s labor force is very young, cause half of Turkey’s population is under the age of 29. The business atmosphere in Turkey is very competitive and there are more than 25,000 international companies in Turkey. On average, 6 days is enough for setting up a company in Turkey, while in other OECD countries its about 13 days. Textile and apparel production have created one-third of Turkey’s businesses and Turkish electronics, automotive and construction industries are growing. (read the article “getting familiar with the economy of Turkey” in order to complete your information.)


Because of the qualified workforce, the rapidly growing population of young people and its geopolitical position, it offers many opportunities for investors; therefore, in order to get used to working life in Turkey, before knowing about the general characteristics, getting familiar with its people can be useful. In the article “Everything you need to know before working in Turkey“, we will discuss issues that will be useful to know them before starting work.

Reduction of the unemployment rate and increasing job creation in Turkey

According to the official statues that we have provided in the article: “reduction of unemployment rate in Turkey”, the unemployment rate has fallen sharply in 2018. employment of a force called “National Employment Mobilization”, that launched last January with the support of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, broke the record of Turkey’s Republic. The mobilization of employment has reflected its impact on the number of unemployed people in a way that it decreased about 546,000 in a year. The mobilization of the job-creation project has also created employment opportunities for an employer, investment and citizens. Read the next text about the employment Record during the Employment Mobilization in the Republic of Turkey.


According to Lotfi Alwan’s speeches, a Turkish economic Minister, who has talked about the “unemployment rate” (the full explanation of this issue is highlighted in the article “increase of Turkey’s job-creation capacity in 2018”), Turkey’s job creation capacity is increasing year by year. in a way that In January 2018, the unemployment rate reduced by 2.2 percent from the same period of last year. Increasing employment rates for young workers will continue in the coming years. Meanwhile, the women’s unemployment decline rate is continuing at high speed. This shows the dynamic economy and the high capacities that Turkey has in this regard.

Types of work permits in Turkey

There are three types of work permits in Turkey:

  1. Long-term work permit
  2. Unlimited Work Permit
  3. Independent work permit

Read the relevant explanations for these licenses in “Types of work permit in Turkey”.

Extending work permit for foreigners

In Turkey, work permits issued for the first time have one-year credit. But work permit renewal requests may also be for two years and should create a series of conditions for the place where the person works. For those who have completed their two-year license, the work permit can be renewed for 3 years. It is worth to mention that the renewal of the work permit (for information on the documents needed to renew the work permit click.) Such as the first request from the employer or the consulting company under his power of attorney is acceptable and the foreigner cannot get a work permit or extend it on his/her name.


How to extend the work permit for companies, home services, private educational institutions and NGO (non-governmental organization)? To find out more about the terms of the renewal of the work permit, read the article on “the situations of the work permit extension for foreigners in Turkey”, as well as in the FAQ section (questions about work permit in Turkey) you can get your answers to common questions on this issue, some sample questions that you may have been given below:


How does the assessment and conclusion of work permit applications come about? If the application for a work permit is refused, what are the relevant authorities for objection? The request for a work permit has been rejected. Can we reapply again?

Foreign National’s Wage in Turkey

The amount of wage to pay for foreign employees is variable in terms of the duties of personnel. Accordingly, considering the amount of basic salary after the date of application what is the amount to be paid to a foreign person? You can have the whole information on the article: “Minimum Wage for Foreign Workers in Turkey in 2019“.

conditions of the business startup in Turkey

International investors can establish all types of companies specified in the Turkish Commercial Law (TTK). TTK offers an organizational management approach in accordance with international standards, promoting private investment and public activities, providing transparency in the management process and aligning the business environment of Turkey with the EU rules and the process of joining to it. In the TTK field, a variety of organizational and non-organizational can be established. When establishing a company in Turkey, it is imperative to observe the rules and regulations very precisely. Those rules and regulations are set out for you in the article on “business start-up conditions in Turkey”. If you would like to establish a company and create employment in this way in Turkey, we would definitely recommend reading this article.


Conditions of getting work permits for foreign partners of the companies in Turkey

A foreign partner of a private company established in Turkey must get a license. The necessity of a foreign partner’s work permit is independent of the company’s structure. If a company is not a part of special or public equities, then according to the laws of Turkey, they must be licensed to become part of the company. In addition, the time period of applying for work permits for companies with foreign capitals and companies that directly fall into the category of foreign companies can vary. Read the terms and conditions of getting a work permit for foreign partners of companies and the documents required for work permit applications for foreign partners by clicking on “the conditions of getting a work permit for foreign companies in Turkey”.

How to export as a foreigner in Turkey?

As you know, recently with the arrangements made in Turkey, the establishment of the company by foreigners and its management is very simple. According to this point, a foreign person who wants to invest in Turkey (read: “What is the benefit of investing in Turkey?”) Like a Turkish citizen with the establishment of a company, can enter to the Turkish market, in which the free market conditions prevail. in this regard, what do foreigners who want to export from Turkey? you can get the required information by reading the article on “How to export as a foreigner in Turkey?

Work visa under the condition of foreign investment law

Act 1 of Law No. 4874 describes the purpose of the Foreign Direct Investment Law: «The purpose of this law is to encourage foreign investors, protect their rights, define the concept of investment in the international standards, bringing the investor to this level of standards, establishing an alert system for observing and verifying foreign direct investment and increasing foreign direct investment with specified policies. This law regulates the management of foreign direct investment operations.» For more information on this topic, click on the article: “How to get a Turkish work visa by investment

What kind of life and facilities are waiting for foreign students in Turkey?

Academic buildings and campuses in Turkey, have accumulated in special spaces and are equipped with facilities that only students can use. Turkey is, therefore, an ideal country for continuing education. Campos are areas with special facilities that universities provide for improving student living conditions. The spaces, such as gyms, student clubs, libraries, laboratories, restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, and other very spacious spaces, have been provided for student’s activities and comforts. we introduced some of the universities with high-quality camps and also describe their facilities in the article “what kind of life and facilities are waiting for foreign students in Turkey”.

Foreign direct investment in Turkey has specific characteristics

Under the «Foreign Personnel Recruitment Act for Foreign Direct Investment», the work permit is governed by specific rules and is easily targeted for issuing this license. Indirect foreign investments that are not covered by this rule, applications for work permits for personnel that is going to be hired are subjected to the general provisions of the mentioned Act (Law No. 4817 and Executive regulations). The two main conditions under the Foreign Employment Law for foreign direct investment are decisive. get the required information by clicking on the article: “foreign direct investment in Turkey has specific features”.

Work permit for foreign nationals in Turkey

according to the rules of issuing a work permit, an employer and a foreign worker must have a number of specific qualifications. In the case of compliance with these competencies, it should also not be taken as the issuance of work permit. The mentioned criteria are only necessary for getting authorization. issuance or non-issuance of licenses is evaluated by experts of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and is subjected to various variables such as the state of the labor market, the economic situation, the employer’s financial structure, the share of employment and security research in the case of a foreign person.

Criteria of work permits for foreign nationals

At least 5 people with Turkish nationality and social security insurance should be employed at the workplace where the work permit is requested. If, at the same workplace, more than one foreign citizen is required to apply for a work permit, after the first citizen who has been issued a work permit, for each foreign person, 5 other persons with Turkish nationality should be hired. How is work permission received? Read the text about “work permits for foreign nationals in Turkey”.

Unauthorized jobs for foreigners in Turkey

Unauthorized jobs for foreigners in Turkey, do not mean the prohibition of any job for foreigners. According to act 15 of the Law on Residence and Travel of Foreigners, foreigners in Turkey can work only in the allowed fields. The passport law also imposes restrictions on the employment of foreigners by the same token. Unauthorized and prohibited jobs for foreigners can be found in the article: “Prohibited Occupations for foreigners in Turkey”.

Work permit of Foreign doctors Turkey

“The Good news for doctors who are planning to immigrate to Turkey” is that Turkey’s health minister Mouzen Ouglo mentioned at a meeting in the presidential office in Adirne: “We have a shortage of 30,000 doctors, we will request doctor from abroad.” We currently have a shortage of 20,000 specialists and 10,000 general practitioners. in order to private health centers cooperate with foreign doctors in Turkey, they must first apply for a primary permit from the Health Ministry. the medical profession that was part of the unauthorized occupations for Turkish foreigners in the previous periods is free now. Read the required documents, terms and conditions about getting foreign doctors’ permits by clicking on the article: “Foreign Doctors License in Turkey”.

Conditions for recruiting foreign teachers in Turkey

The Ministry of Labor has provided a series of arrangements on issuing a work permit for foreign teachers in Turkey that will work in nonprofit educational institutions. for more information, Read the article on “the terms of employment of foreign teachers in Turkey”.

Work Permit for Foreign Engineers in Turkey

Principles related to the work permit of engineers and architects are set out in accordance with Article 21 of the new Labor Code 6735 of the International Labor Organization. engineers and architects who have completed their training in postgraduate studies or abroad at centers sponsored by relevant authorities or higher education institutes recognized by the High Council of Instruction, subject to the receipt of their documents can occupy in the project or temporary work in Turkey. Thus, engineers and architects who qualify as qualified personnel and play a key role in major projects in Turkey can get their work permit without the need for more processes. How is the work permit issued to foreign engineers? for more information Read “the work permit for foreign engineers in Turkey”.

Finally, upgrade your career future in Turkey!

In the first step, read the text that we have written about “what you should know before working in Turkey” to learn more about this topic. Every day on the pages of the newspapers, we see the appearance of many foreigners in Turkey. We’ve also seen plenty of dual citizenship by footballers. In the article «Upgrade your career prospects in Turkey! Success Stories from Turkey» We have come to refer to foreign successful traders in Turkey working in different sectors.

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