Frequently Asked Questions

1- Types of Turkish residence permit:

  • Property investing
  • Tourist residency
  • Educational and research
  • work

2-How to get citizenship of Turkey?

3- Do tourist visa is converted to Long-Term Residence Permit or citizenship?

4- Is it possible to get a residence permit by renting a house?

5- May I open a bank account by purchasing a property in Turkey?

6- If the owner of property passes away, what’s the inheritance law for foreigners?

7- Explanations of new citizenship rules in Turkey

1- What are the conditions of buying property in Izmir?

After coordinating with our sales experts in Izmir, you can visit projects that have their information on the site, and after that, on your behalf, the file transfer process will be done on a business day.

2- How to visit IPEK EVIZ projects?

You can contact us by the provided phone numbers on the website. Our experts will arrange the right time for you and will book your airline and hotel ticket. After your arrival in Izmir, our experts will be your host during the time you are in Izmir, and all your questions will be answered about the project. You will also set up an appointment with the manufacturer to help you purchase your unit with confidence.

3- What are the payment and installment conditions?

By paying the half amount of title deed, it will be transferred to your name and the rest can be paid in sixty or thirty-month installments (depending on the project you are purchasing from).

4- types of payment methods and its calculation at IPEK EVIZ, you can choose one of the following payment methods:

5- How will be the title deed transferring?

To make a final purchase, a copy of the passport and its official translation in Turkish plus 6 photographs are required to sign the purchase agreement and own the house. Our lawyers will be with you in all legal processes of your purchase. Setting a document in the office is done in the presence of an official interpreter introduced by the government. It should be noted that if a foreigner bought a property at that zone before, your deed will be transferred in 48 hours. Otherwise, you need to wait 6 to 8 weeks. This law (in number 1751 of October 8, 2013) have been implemented after the signature of Mr. Davut Goni, General Manager of the Real Estate Registry.

6- How will be the title deed that we receive?

The title deed of property or TAPU (considered as an official document) is issued to all foreign nationals with the transfer of real estate. this document has no difference between the document that is issuing to a Turkish citizen. Therefore, with the possession of the title deed, you will definitely receive the ownership of the property from the Turkish government, and according to the law of this country, only the person who owns the title deed can transfer the property to someone else. It should be noted that the property certificate is issued in two colors in Turkey: red title deed for the house and blue title deed for land.

7- Details of title deed

8- Are you the Manufacturer Company?

No, we are the agents of Manufacturer companies in Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Scandinavian countries.

9- Project’s location

As you have seen on the site, projects have different geographic locations, which naturally have different access to urban amenities. By declaring your needs and goals from buying a property to a sales expert, the best project will be offered according to your circumstances.

10- Are apartments pre-sales or ready for a living?

Depending on the project, some projects are pre-sales and their delivery dates are announced and some are ready to be delivered. In order to be informed about the delivery time and ready-to-delivery time, Stay in touch with our experienced experts.

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State universities of Izmir

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What are the work permit conditions in Turkey?

In order to get a work visa in Turkey, you need to get a work permit in Turkey, which can be requested in two ways: 1) by your employer; 2) Acting through the Turkish Consulate

Turkish Employment websites:

please contact our consultants for advisory and questions.

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