Get Residence of Turkey

Get Residence of Turkey

In Turkey, every foreign person has a series of rights. These rights are in line with international law and in parallel with the domestic laws of Turkey. without a doubt, one of the most important rights that a foreigner should enjoy in Turkey is the residence permit. Legally, a person who decides to reside should be allowed to stay by the local government. The residence permit for foreigners in Turkey is not only a law but also a social order. The Turkish government decides to allow a foreigner to stay for a specified period and for a specified reason.


The residence permit, which is set up by the competent authorities, is eligible for a foreigner to apply for “Turkish residence”. legally, this permit allows individuals to have the right to reside in Turkey within the prescribed period. Residence permits make foreigners work in Turkey, study, and even run a business.


In Turkey, like any developed country, for the purpose of getting residence permit, work or study, they must move in accordance with the law and allow people to travel freely within the laws of the country for a certain period of time, so that they can travel freely. for more information on this topic, read the article on “Residence permit for foreigners in Turkey”. you can live and stay legally in Turkey In three cases:


  • Short-term residence permit

A short-term residence permit is a license that foreigners can apply for a business relationship in Turkey, education, doing business or having immovable property in Turkey. Short-term licenses are for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 2 years and can be renewed if the conditions are applicable. In fact, for legal residence in Turkey, the right to stay shortly must be renewed legitimacy before the expiration date of the license. The responsible institution for issuing a short-term residence permit is «the Immigration Office of the province».


  • Long-term residence permit

foreigners who have renewed their long-term residence permit annually can apply for getting a long-term or permanent residence permit in Turkey if they have renewed this license for 8 consecutive years. They can apply for a residence permit by referring to the Immigration Office of the province and registering the application through the e-ikamet section of the Immigration Office website and getting the necessary documents. After getting such a permit to stay in Turkey, you will no longer need to renew your annual license. Foreign nationals who have long-term residence permits can enjoy the citizenship rights of Turkey except for such matters as military service, right to vote, participation in polling, employment as a government official, car imports (exempted), and inserted regulations in a special law.


  • getting citizenship or nationality

Foreigners who have extended their short-term residence for 5 years by purchasing property and investments in Turkey, can apply for citizenship of Turkey, of course in the condition that they have spent 4 years and 6 months in Turkey over five years. It is natural that citizenship is obtained through the residence, but only whether permanent or temporary residence does not mean citizenship, and getting citizenship has many advantages that are included in the article “Requirements of getting Turkish citizenship and the related legal acts”. We have prepared “Benefits of investment for foreigners in Turkey” article for you.


In the following, we will briefly tell you how can you get the necessary residence permits in Turkey and what conditions are needed for getting these permits?

Types of residence permit:

Article 30 of the Foreign Citizenship and International Protection Act provides six types of residence permits as below:

  • Short-term residence permit
  • Family Residence Permit
  • Student Residence Permit
  • Long-term residence permit
  • Humanitarian Residence Permit
  • Residence permit for victims of human trafficking

Short-term residence permit

The residence permit regulations have been set according to Articles 31 to 33 of the Foreign Citizenship and International Protection law. Also, in Articles 28 and 29 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Foreign Nationals and International Protection, the provisions for a short-term residence permit are set.
Now the question is: For which foreign citizens the short-term residence is set?

1) Foreign nationals who have come to Turkey to carry out scientific research. (residence by property purchasing)

2) Foreign nationals who buy a real state in Turkey. (residence by property purchasing)

3) Foreign nationals intending to establish a business or have a business relationship. (Residence through investment (company registration))

4) Foreign nationals who will stay for the purpose of tourism. (Tourist accommodation)

5) Foreign nationals who come to the country for educational purposes within the framework of the Student Exchange Program or Memoranda of Understanding between Turkey and the like.

6) Foreign nationals intending to engage in in-service training.

7) Foreign nationals who are going to be treated, provided that they do not have any of the diseases that are considered a threat to public health.

8) Foreign nationals must reside in Turkey on the basis of a request and decision of the judicial or administrative authorities.

9) Foreigners who lose the necessary conditions for the family residence permit and their residence will become a short-term residence.

10) Foreign nationals intending to attend Turkish language courses.

11) Foreign nationals intending to study, research, and training courses in Turkey through government agencies.

12) Foreign nationals who have gone to Turkey for higher education within six months of their graduation date.

13) Those who do not intend to work in Turkey but intend to invest in the given amount determined by the Cabinet, and his foreign wife, as well as his or her own children wife’s children who are under the age of eighteen and, needs care.

14) Foreign nationals of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


How to apply for a residence permit in Turkey? What documents are needed to get a residence permit in Turkey? How to apply for a visa application for getting a residence permit in Turkey? If you want to have more information click on the article “Residence permit for B.A graduates

Family Residence permit in Turkey

in accordance with Article 28 of Law 5901, a family residence permit is issued for a foreign wife, an unaccompanied parent or dependent child, people who have secondary protection, refugees and the people who have lost their nationality. To get this license by the people, they should be in the family environment. A family-related residence permit is granted to a person who has a “supportive” role. As this permission is given to the children and spouse of the sponsor, it can also be obtained for dependent children of a sponsor’s wife who is not his or her child.


According to the law, the possibility of foreigners enjoying family residence permits is widely available. Basically, one type of residence permit in Turkey will be sufficient by the foreign sponsor who will apply for a residence permit. In this situation, the minimum length of the residence permit is sufficient from the person in the position of the sponsor. As families with a residence permit can get this permit, families of Turkish citizens, refugees or foreigners with secondary protection can also (get) benefit from it. You can read the terms and conditions for applying for a family residence permit in the article on “family residence permit in Turkey”.

Student Residence Permit in Turkey

Student Residence Permit is a license that should be obtained by foreign students who affiliated with higher education institutions in Turkey to study in the fields included: associate degree, B.A, M.A or Ph.D. degrees. Those who apply for a residence permit as a foreign student must enter the country with an educational visa from Turkish consulates. Foreign students must apply for a student residence permit within one month of entering Turkey. Students enrolled in the university can receive their residence permit in a way that covers the entire course. Students enrolled in elementary and secondary education can only apply for a maximum of one year per request. The duration of a student residence permit will not exceed the length of the student’s period of study. Read the required documentation for Student Residence Permit in the article “Student Residence Permits in Turkey”.

Short-term residence permit

The regulations of the long-term residence permit are set out in Articles 42 to 45 of the Foreign Citizenship and International Protection Act No. 6458. long-term residence permit regulations are also set in the Articles 40 and 43 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Foreign Nationals and International Protection. For which foreign nationals do the long-term residence permit is issued? – for those who have resided in Turkey for at least eight consecutive years or have determined terms and conditions by the immigration policy organization granted with the approval of the Ministry The house.


– For asylum seekers, conditional asylum seekers and holders of secondary protection status, humanitarian permits and temporary protection, the right of the long-term residence permit is not specified.

Humanitarian Residence Permit

The regulations of the Humanitarian Residence Permit are set out in Articles 46 and 47 of the Citizenship and International Protection Act No. 458. Also, the regulations of the humanitarian residence permit are also mentioned in Article 44 of the Administrative Offenses of Foreign Nationals and International Protection. For which foreign citizens the humanitarian residence permit is set?


– If it has many benefits to the child

– if a foreigner has been ordered to be expelled from the country or have been banned from entering Turkey, but he/she does not have expelled from the country or their departure from Turkey is not reasonable and is impossible.

– in accordance with Article 55 of the Law, if a foreigner has not been ordered to be expelled from the country

– in accordance with the Articles 53, 72 and 77 of the Act, if the case is referred to the judicial authorities

– In the course of continuing the affairs of the return of the person who referred to the first country to which he was a refugee or to a third country

– If a foreigner is to enter Turkey in order to protect the interests of the country or for public safety and public order and to allow him to reside in Turkey, but due to the obstacles to obtaining a residence permit, it is possible to receive Other types of residence permits are not included.

– In the case of extraordinary circumstances, the humanitarian residence permit will be adjusted.

Residence permit for victims of human trafficking

The regulations of the residence permit for victims of human trafficking are set out in Articles 48 and 49 of the Foreign Citizenship and International Protection Act No. 6458. Also, the provisions of the residence permit for victims of human trafficking are set out in Articles 45 and 46 of the Administrative Offenses of Foreign Nationals and International Protection. The question is: which foreign nationals are allowed to get the residence permit for victims of human trafficking? Answer Foreign nationals who are victims of human trafficking or who are very likely to be victims of human trafficking.

Work permit in Turkey

Another valuable achievement of Article 6458 is the law according to which a work permit can also be used to stay. There are three types of licenses that can be obtained under the title of work permit in Turkey. thereby you can get a residence permit in Turkey while obtaining such a license. they are mentioned as below:


  • Longtime work permit
  • Unlimited work permit
  • independent work permit


Each of these cases has certain terms and conditions that you can find out by clicking on the “Types of work permit in Turkey”.

How can B.A graduates get a residence permit?

Turkey has progressed dramatically in recent years in the field of education and hosts students from different countries. Developing a university education system and providing various benefits to foreign students means that Turkey will host more students in the field of education.


“Foreign Students Residence Permit”, which is valid during the course of studies, is completed upon graduation, and new methods will be introduced for individuals. after the completion of the foreign student’s course in Turkey, their residence permit is issued in two different short and long terms. The license for work and residence of foreign students who have graduated will be placed in the category of other residence permits. Foreign students who have graduated can apply for a permit within 10 days, depending on the type of accommodation they wish and subject to the required conditions.


In this regard, how can students who have completed their undergraduate education receive a residence permit? Read the article on “Residence permit for B.A graduates

Get citizenship or residence

One of the most important and easiest factors that directly leads to a residence permit for foreigners is to buy a home in Turkey. Naturally, as a foreign, you will be considered an investor if you plan to buy a home in Turkey, and the Turkish government will support you. You will receive a definitive document by buying a home in Turkey and then you and your family will be allowed to stay in Turkey. In this regard, you can read the “Benefits of investment for foreigners in Turkey” as well as the “Turkish government supports the law of getting citizenship by foreigners”.

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