Get the passport of Turkey

Get the passport of Turkey

If you click on this section and select this item for study, you will face with the phrases such as getting a citizen or resident. Who is a citizen? and why getting a Turkish passport can help to improve your life?

citizen is a term that is attributed to the people who have political affiliation with a democratic state and enjoy all human rights and freedoms (civil rights), in accordance with the Constitution and other national laws of that country in democratic states. if a citizen does not live in his/her own country, it still has his legal-political relationship and is protected by the political and legal protection of his country in certain circumstances. a resident is a person who is staying for a certain or indefinite period in a country where there is no legal political relationship (that is, a citizen of that country). In the case of residence, a person must have a permanent or temporary residence permit.

In Turkey, every foreign person has a series of rights. These rights are in line with international law and in parallel with the domestic laws of Turkey. without a doubt, one of the most important rights that a foreigner should enjoy in Turkey is the permission to stay. Legally, a person who decides to reside should be allowed to stay by the local government and apply for the Turkish residence. Anyone who resides in Turkey by the virtue of residence permit may be able to travel between Turkey and other countries without the need to get a visa at any time, and also may renew this permit, without leaving Turkey while the conditions are still satisfied. In this regard, you can find out more about this topic by clicking on “what you need to know about extending the residence permit in Turkey” read the article that we have prepared for you. It’s natural that the residence is obtained by getting a passport, but only having whether permanent or temporary residence does not mean being a citizen. conditions for getting residence permits for foreigners can be found in the article “Residence Permit fees in Turkey (2019)”.

What is the importance of getting citizenship in turkey and what benefits does it have?

Each country provides its citizens with amenities and facilities according to its ability and success in the administration of its domestic affairs and its foreign and international relations, which includes progress in economic, cultural, national wealth, and so on. We also should mention that definitely, a citizen’s privileges of these amenities and facilities is far more than a resident. these rights include all the matters mentioned in the Citizen’s Rights Act. we have listed a number of legal facilities for you, that you will have by getting citizenship in Turkey:

a. the possibility of having a Turkish passport and traveling to many countries,
b. freedom of expression,
c. the right of being supported legally and politically by
d. the right to vote,
e. the right to a fair trial and equality in front of the law,
f. the right to be nominated for important governmental vocations,
g. free trade and free from sanction all around the world,
h. the right of forming societies and classes,
i. the right of social security benefits and state insurance,
j. the right of welfare and facilities approved by the Turkish parliament annually
k. affordable education in the universities of the Turkish country,
l. the possibility of opening international bank accounts in banks all around the world and access to SWIFT,
m. the use of bank loans for purchasing real estate, vehicles, and etc.
n. the possibility to work in all government jobs and professions such as lawyers, the medical profession and etc.
o. With very low interest,
p. Facilitating of getting visas from countries in Europe, the USA and so on.
q. All citizens have the right to enjoy equal rights and privileges against the law.
r. No one should have rights and special privileges on the basis of language, ethnicity, color, religion, money, influence, office and etc. otherwise, human rights violations will take place, and citizens can protest and complain legally.

It worth to mention that the trend of progress and multilateral growth in Turkey is moving positively, and living as a citizen in a country that is growing daily will be much more profitable in every aspect in order to improve your life.

Getting the passport of Turkey

In the current year, Important changes have occurred in Turkish passport laws. The conditions and financial criteria for investment that foreigners had to comply with before have been reduced and facilitated. So, you can read about the changes that have been occurred in facilitating Turkish citizenship by clicking on the “Get Turkish Citizenship for $250,000”.

In support of the Turkish government, of getting foreign passport law by buying a property, a supportive decision is taken by the Turkish government in the field of selling real estate to foreign investors, which is published in the Official Newspaper of this country on 7/21/2012. For more information read the article: “Turkish government supports the law of getting citizenship by foreigners“. According to the mentioned decision, with regard to the amendment of related provisions on the implementation of the citizenship law of Turkey, investment and purchasing of immovable property worth $ 250,000 in cash, will be sufficient to get foreign citizenship.

Perhaps you have come to the question of how many foreigners reside in Turkey? according to the latest figures, the number of legally resident foreigners in Turkey is 650,308, which means the availability of hospitable, reception of people and the Turkish government for tourists and foreigners are provided.


Of course, with the passage of the new “getting passport law”, opportunities for investment will increase, and the Turkish economy will grow more and more with this policy, which in itself, means improving your profitability in investing such as buying property beside getting citizenship in Turkey. Turkey’s tourism cities, such as Izmir and other surrounding towns, are the most attractive areas for real estate investors. with this situation, the Turkish government will have the opportunity of expanding its tourism industry. For this reason, with more excursion attractions, we will have increased demand for home purchases in Turkey. It is expected that in the next few years the increase in property value in Turkey will continue to rise. In this regard, you can read “Benefits of investment for foreigners in Turkey”.

Conditions for getting citizenship in Turkey

Required Conditions
According to the 11 of the Citizenship Act in Turkey No. 5901, in order to get a passport, foreign nationals should be adult, and also have following qualifications in accordance with their national law and non-citizens (according to Civil Law No. 4721):

1. Residing without interruption for 5 years prior to the date of arrival (during the period of your stay, you can get out of turkey, for example. a maximum of six months.)
2. 1) purchasing of immovable property in Turkey,
2) business creation or investment,
3) work transfer and trade to Turkey,
4) the employment of a licensed work permit,
5) marry a Turkish citizen,
6) family visit, having a mother, father, Sister, brother or son who previously got the right of citizenship or to continue studying in Turkey.
3. having the right behavior with the sense of responsibility for social life, trusting from the concerned people, lack of behavior or habits contrary to the values of society (lack misdiagnosis in Turkey)
4. Ability to speak Turkish in a way that is compatible with social life.
5. Having enough income to pay for their livelihood and those who are in their Customers in Turkey.
6. Not having a case contrary to national security and public order.
7. lack of having an Infectious and non-treatable disease.

In the next steps, click on the article about “requirements of getting Turkish citizenship and the related legal acts” to read the required documents for the process of getting the citizenship of Turkey.

There are other ways to acquire citizenship that have their own laws and complexities. We will provide further explanations on this issue.

Turkish passport by birth

The acquisition of Turkish passport by birth, due to family ties, is obtained by a person with whom he/she has a first-degree family relationship (such as father or mother of the Turkish nationality). The passport acquired by birth is justified from the moment of birth.

Can infants born in Turkey have Turkish nationality? What should be done in the registration of babies born in a foreign country? What should be done in registering the identity of newborns who born in Turkey and are considered foreigners because of their parents? You can have the answers to these questions by clicking on the article, “Residence law for foreign babies born in turkey

Conditions of Foreigner’s Marriage in Turkey

For the marriage of two foreign nationals or a Turkish person with a foreigner to be valid in Turkey, they should marry according to the marriage authorities. When you marry a Turkish person, you can apply for permanent residence after three years from the 5 years that you have set. it will be decided by relevant authorities after a comprehensive survey of your life and not being feigned of your marriage. With this regard, what are the required documents of marriage with a foreigner? Read the required articles about marriage with a foreigner and its related laws in the article Foreigner’s Marriage conditions in Turkey”.

Getting the Turkish passport for the fourth family by IPEKEVIZ team

Based on the amendment of the Turkish Citizenship Act issued on September 19, 2018, the country’s official newspaper “Conditions for Acquiring Citizenship of Turkey” has been facilitated for foreign nationals.

And according to the new law, in order to receive the citizenship right, the minimum purchase price of real estate in Turkey has been reduced from $ 1 million to $ 250,000.

In other words, according to the new amendment, citizenship rights will be granted to foreign nationals who have decided to invest in Turkey through the immovable property for a sum of $ 250,000 or equivalent to Turkish TL.

7 months have passed from the time of getting Turkish passport possibility for $ 250,000

We are proud of getting the Turkish passport for four Iranian families successfully.

Dear compatriots, the process of obtaining a Turkish passport and citizenship is very sensitive and with the slightest error, the defined 55-day process can be complicated and difficult.

Therefore, we recommend referring to well-known and reputable companies that have a brilliant experience and resume on this process.

Also, another consequence of delegating the process of Turkish citizenship to brokers and those who do so without any license is their receiving a large amount of money for each process.

For example, the governmental fee for each person is 15 TL (which for a 3-member family it has been paid 45 TL only). They may ask you a double amount of fee to be paid.

” Have an Assured Decision with IPEKEVIZ. “

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