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How to Invest in Turkey

One of the advantages of Turkey in terms of investment is its central position. This ideal geographic location (located in central Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa) has led many investors to consider this country for their own business purposes. In addition, more than 28 million tourists visit Turkey annually. Turkey’s tourism industry is one of the biggest in the world. All of these factors have caused Turkey’s economic position to grow dramatically over the past few years.


In recent years, investment in Turkey has been welcomed by most countries. Turkey is the sixth largest economy in the European Union. Turkey has attracted over $ 94 billion over the last eight years and is one of the most attractive countries in the world for businessmen and entrepreneurs. The purpose of most people by investing in Turkey, in addition to setting up a business, investment and profitability, is immigration to Turkey. This method is very suitable for people who want to have a secure and planned migration to Turkey. The business atmosphere in Turkey is very competitive and there are more than 25,000 international companies in Turkey. On average, only 6 days is enough to set up a company in Turkey, while in other OECD countries it takes about 13 days.

Economic growth of turkey

As the Turkish economy grows, the number of businessmen and economic activists are intended for entering in Turkish market and investment in recent years (for more information read the article about Turkey’s economic growth is promising and the growth of 4.7% in Turkish economy is considered as a great success). The following article contains news about the investment of reach and powerful countries of Europe and Asia in Turkey (due to the high profitability of investment in Turkey). Our suggestion is to read the mentioned article.
Increasing Europe’s desire to buy property in Turkey

Benefits of Investment in Turkey

If a foreign person has announced against the public security and political issues by the Ministry of Interior, that person should leave the country within a specified period of time. otherwise, he/she will be fired. The expulsion process is fully covered by the Ministry of Interior. you can read other reasons on this issue in the article: “Reasons of foreigner’s deportation in Turkey

Types of investment and its benefits for foreigners

Foreign investors who invest directly can benefit equally from the facilities provided for domestic investors. Direct investment is also easy through the establishment of a company, branch or partnership with an existing company. On the other hand, in the case of indirect investments made through the purchase of shares or securities, no support is provided for foreign investors by the government. Therefore, only long-term and direct investment in Turkey can benefit from government benefits. In addition, foreign investors will be able to freely transfer their revenues from their activities in Turkey such as profits, sales, liquidation and compensation, licenses, management, and similar agreements freely abroad. In addition to all of these, foreign nationals wishing to invest in Turkey will be able to benefit from tax deductions, allocation of investment and premium, and similar governmental supports.What types of companies can foreign investors set up? What is the tax for foreign investors? By clicking on the article: “What are the benefits of foreign investment in Turkey?” You can get your answers to these questions.

Can Foreign Investors Get Turkish Citizenship? With the new law enforced on January 12, 2017, foreign investors in Turkey can acquire citizenship. according to this law, foreigners who exceed a certain amount of investment, employment or deposit will be granted the right of citizenship. If foreign investors provide the necessary conditions, they will be able to obtain citizenship. you can learn about these conditions in the article: “What are the benefits of foreign investment in Turkey?”

Investing through real estate purchase

According to the laws of Turkey, people with foreign citizenship can purchase the property if they do not buy in the military areas. In a country like Turkey, where the real estate sector is so important, buying property is a great investment. The way to become citizens is so easy for foreigners who buy property in Turkey. By investing in a home worth $ 250,000 in Turkey, you will invest and become a citizen. Also, if you purchase a property worth less than this amount, you can get a residence permit and, if you stay for 5 years, you will have the right to apply for citizenship. It is very easy to get a residence permit for foreigners who buy homes in Turkey. Foreigners who buy a house in Turkey can get a residence permit for a certain period of time subject to renewal, and they will also be entitled to get a permit for their families. with this permission, their children also can study in Turkey. Foreigners with a residence permit can find a job easier too, and it is much easier for companies to get a permit. What do foreigners have to do to buy property in Turkey? What restrictions are there for foreigners who want to buy property? What documents are needed in this regard? We have prepared suitable answers in the article: “Benefits of investment for foreigners in Turkey”.

Izmir; a suitable place for investment

Izmir is known as the “brilliant star” in Turkey, and the general satisfaction of living in this city is very high. Regardless of the wonderful climate of Izmir, the culture of the people is an important point that makes people get attracted to this city. In addition, “tranquility” is one of Izmir’s most prominent features. Izmir, Manisa, and Denizli ranked among the top cities in the ranking of the highest exports of the Provinces of Turkey. According to the data of the Turkish Exporters’ Association and the Aegean Export Corporation, the province with the largest export in the Aegean region with a total of 8 billion and 942 million and 981 thousand dollars, was Izmir. 48% portion of Aegean exports belong to Izmir. (Izmir, Manisa, and Denizli ranked among the top cities in the ranking of the highest exports of the Provinces of Turkey.). Maybe it’s a question for you why Izmir? In the following, we will give you some explanations. To learn more about the beautiful Izmir city, read the article: Izmir; a princess with the most beautiful hat.

Construction in Izmir

In economic growth, the construction sector plays an important role. The construction sector, which is considered as a driving force in Turkey, is also a part of the employment sector as a boom in the economy. The construction sector also helps to boost other parts with which it is associated. Izmir is one of the cities that has been active in the construction sector in recent times, and growing projects have attracted the attention of investors. Along with state-owned residential projects in the area declared as the new center of Izmir, the establishment of leading companies in the field of Turkish real estate, the number of residential buildings and offices are increasing day by day. You can contact us to invest in the real estate sector. To learn about this issue and study our projects, click on the titles below.

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