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Get familiar with Turkey

Turkey, with 74 million people, is one of the most populous countries in the region. Turkey is the neighborhood with Iran, Azerbaijan (Nakhchivan), Armenia, and Georgia from the east; Iraq and Syria from the south-east; and in the northwest (European part) with Bulgaria and Greece. Turkey is a mountainous country and relatively rich. Turkey is known for its coastal landscapes in the world. in fact, it has seven different climate zones. the eastern and central parts of Turkey have cooler weather than other parts.The language of most people in Turkey is Turkish, but along with, Kurdish, Zaza, and Azerbaijani languages are also used among ethnic groups. according to recent statistics in Turkey, about 98 percent of the population is Muslim, and 2 percent are Christians, Jews, and other religious followers.

Turkey is strategically located in one of the most sensitive areas of the world and is considered the passage of Northwest Asia and Europe. Turkey is the sixth largest economy in the European Union. This country has attracted about $ 94 billion over the last eight years and is one of the most attractive countries in the world for businessmen and entrepreneurs. Turkey’s economy is a combination of indigenous and modern industries that are being updated day by day. the country’s labor force is very young, in a way that with half of Turkey’s population under the age of 29. this country attracts more than 28 million tourists annually. Turkey’s tourism industry is one of the world’s largest tourism industry. You can read more about this issue in the article: “Turkey and getting familiar with its economy”.

the geographical conditions, culture, and customs have transformed Turkey into a lucrative destination for investment and destinations for tourists from all over the world. notwithstanding the cost of international tourist traffic, in 1950, international tourism revenue increased significantly from $ 2 billion to $ 475 billion in 2010. “How does Turkey become one of the most lucrative destinations in the world?”

Important days and holidays in Turkey

There are 6 holidays in Turkey, including 4 national and 2 religious holidays. national festivals symbolize important days during the establishment of the modern Republic of Turkey, religious festivals also represent the holy days of Islam. in addition to the festivals, special days such as International Women’s Day on March 8 and International Day of the Doctor on March 14 are also celebrated internationally on the initiative of non-governmental organizations; celebrations, events, and gatherings are held in various parts of the country. In the article entitled “Important days and holidays in Turkey”, we have reviewed important dates that are celebrated in Turkey, including religious and national festivals.

Culture in Turkey

People of this country are very kind, hospitable, friendly and warm-blooded. It should be noted that polygamy is illegal in Turkey. there is no neighborhood without a cafe and restaurant. most people, either old or young, spend their free time sitting and talking with their friends in the cafe and restaurant. Most women gather together with friends and neighbors in one place. we suggest studying “10 Interesting facts about Turkey”. One of the things that Turkey is always known for it, is the existence of vibrant neighborhoods. in fact, architectural structures are one of the key determinants of urban culture and neighborly relations. moving from a neighborhood culture to apartments has made the apartments appear as a small representative of the neighborhoods. (you can have more information about this topic in the article: The neighboring culture that you must know before living in Turkey. apartments are considered as inevitable architectural structures in modern urban culture. of course, in recent years, large residential complexes, conventional complexes, and independent homes are more interested than apartments. but dwelling culture and intimate relationships between neighbors retain and will continue for many years. Turks are very concerned about neighborhood relationships, so that, in some cases, neighborhood relationships in Turkey are stronger than family ties. the great development of neighborhood relationships makes neighbors to be unified in any situation. read more about “dwelling culture and neighborhood relationships in Turkey”.
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New life in Turkey

If you decided to build a new life in Turkey, this means a very important and right decision. because it’s completely a modern country, and we are observing more and more comprehensive development every year. but when you want to make a new life in a new country, you need to know a few tips. in the article: “A New Country, a New Life! Recommendations to get used to your new home” we have provided recommendations for better compatibility with Turkey. after moving to Turkey, we recommend you to see the modern and historical beauties of Istanbul, the unique beaches of southern regions, enchanting Izmir, lush mountains of Eastern Black Sea and unparalleled Cappadocia area in the middle Anatolia.

New language in the new place

In a world that is developing and changing, learning a new language beyond its privilege has become a kind of compulsion. In the case of learning foreign languages for career advancement purposes, studying, familiarity with new cultures and many other goals, there are many educational techniques and learning methods. In the article: “where do people start learning new languages?” we’ve mentioned a few tips for those who want to learn foreign languages. there are also different ways to learn a new language such as going to the country where the language is spoken, learning through books, educational packages, and classes. in the article: Practical daily techniques for easy learning of the Turkish language, we have provided you with language learning techniques.

Turkish language is very rich in terms of proverbs and expressions. Turkish people also use these phrases in their everyday lives. So, you may surprise when people use a variety of expressions in the streets, buses, and cafes. in the article: Turkish Frequently used phrases we have provided some of the terms and expressions that you are confronted with to make your job easier.

Cost of living in Turkey

The cost of living in any place on this planet depends on the individual, place of residence, age, type of personification, type of food and clothing, and so on. But it can be estimated that the average monthly cost of living in Turkey is about 2500-30000 Lira. The cost of studying in state universities in Turkey is free. The cost of studying at private universities is between 12,000 and 40,000 Lira and the costs of studying at semi-private universities are between 5,000 and 10,000 Lira annually. In general, it can be said that living conditions and costs in Turkey are more similar to Iran than other European countries. Various costs are also available in different cities in Turkey. The cost of living in İzmir is 19% less than Istanbul and is almost the same as Ankara.

Living in Izmir is of high quality in many of the world’s major cities. This city is known as the sixth most ideal cities in the world for its parameters such as cheapness, living conditions, transportation, freedom, business conditions, and many others. in terms of economic well-being, culture and human behavior, Izmir is one of the best cities in the world. so, you can enjoy life in Izmir with any income you have. In this regard, the cost of living in Izmir is lower than the cost of living in Tehran, Istanbul and other major cities.

Public transportation in Turkey

One of the most important determinants of quality and livelihood in the city is public transportation services. It’s very important for people to go to school, work, and not deal with any particular problem during their social life. From this point of view, we can say that in many cities of Turkey, high-quality transportation systems are in service. Bus, minibus, metro, and tramway are public transportation vehicles in Turkey. In the article “What are the public vehicles in Turkey? and How are they used?” we have provided some information about specific transit systems throughout and their usage.

Driving rules and regulations for foreigners in Turkey

Turkey may be one of your upcoming trips for fun or work. For more convenience, there is the possibility of renting a car in Turkey, which means that when you arrive in Turkey you can rent your intended car in the airport and deliver it when returning. For further information on this matter and getting familiar with the laws you can read the article: “driving rules and regulations for foreigners in Turkey”. If you intend to drive in Turkey, be sure to read this article.

Interurban travel methods in Turkey

There are different options for interurban traveling in Turkey except for private cars. Turkey is an advanced country in terms of the extension of highway lines and air force. in particular, in recent years, along with investments in the country, there are 56 airports and access to all parts of the country is provided by roads. We have considered some of the options that you can use when you travel to Turkey in the article: “What are the methods for interurban travel in Turkey?”

Turkish health services

Recently, Turkish healthcare investments have been greatly facilitated, and the country has reached world health standards. In all cities of Turkey, regional hospitals, private hospitals, research hospitals, university hospitals, specialized hospitals, and in particular public hospitals, are provided with high-quality services. with the healthcare reform program, the modern health system is created and all patients in Turkey can easily access all hospitals easily and enjoy high-quality health care. You can have more information about health services in the article: “the positive features that distinguish Turkish health services from other countries”.Also, by utilizing the facilities provided by the technology, it is possible to book an appointment easily and get the laboratory results with online operating systems. There are three different ways to book an appointment from public hospitals in Turkey. we have provided the required information about “How to book an appointment from public hospitals as a foreigner?”

Dental services for foreigners

Turkey is considered one of the world’s leading countries in terms of quality of service and patient satisfaction. It hosts various patients from all over the world for dental services. For those who want to receive dental services in Turkey, there are three options for getting dental services. You can have the required information in the article: “How foreigners can get dental services?”

Register mobile in Turkey

If you intend to stay for more than 120 days in Turkey (with SIM card of Turkish operators), Note that according to the rules of the Ministry of Communications and Customs of Turkey, you must register your mobile phone after-tax payment and doing the registration requirement (IMEI), otherwise your mobile phone will be disabled. Learn the registration steps in the article “Registering a mobile phone in Turkey.”

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