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Living in the best residential project in the north of Izmir

Kuzey Shehir Residential complex project


Delivery time
Green space
10500Square Meters
The total area of Kuzey Sehir Project
28700Square Meters

Project Overview

In 2017, at “The Sign Of The City Awards” the project of Kuzey Shehir which was built by the Yucesoy Engineering Company had chosen as the “top-notch project with the largest number of floors in Turkey”.

In the construction of Kuzey Shehir, while it is considered the comprehensively understanding of internal structures of the building, with the construction of many floors, and with the perception that creates a balance in the construction of high-rise buildings, as well as the creation of structures that include social spaces and support as a reference for various constructions, this project is selected as the top project of the city.

Kuzey Shehir with its rich property in terms of social equipment, architectural detail, high profile building, and high-quality construction, is known as the pioneer and creative project.


  • Including amenities and entertainment
  • Made by Yucesoy Company
  • The best project built in northern Izmir

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kibris sehitler caddesi , no 22 , ic kapi no 11 alsancak / kordon /Izmir


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