The rules of foreign nationals in Turkey

Getting residence permit by foreigners in Turkey

The rules of foreign nationals in Turkey – The establishment of justice and equality in the implementation of international law and the rights of each country is important to prevent human rights violations and to create a decent system of human beings. In this regard, foreign nationals who reside in Turkey have different rights and responsibilities. The protecting law of foreigner’s rights and all types of residence permits within the framework of these rights and responsibilities establishes the legal basis for the residence and activity of foreign nationals in Turkey. According to the latest figures, 650,308 foreigners legally reside in Turkey, which means the reception of welcoming people and the Turkish government attract tourists and foreigners annually (“how many foreigners are in Turkey?”).

Foreign residence in Turkey

According to the Foreign Citizenship and International Protection Act (YUKK) No. 6458, a residence permit is a document authorizing a person to reside in Turkey. This license, issued by competent authorities, gives foreigners the right to reside in Turkey for a specified period of time. A residence permit that is of great importance for the maintenance of public order will be issued upon the request of a foreigner, a reference to the requested documents and the availability of the required conditions for the type of accommodation sought. This residence permit makes it possible for a person to live, work, study, and even run a business in Turkey. Foreigners who obtain a Turkish residence permit can enter and leave Turkey without a visa (“Residence permit for foreigners in Turkey”).

A person who lives in Turkey through a residence permit can extend the permit without leaving Turkey at any time, provided that he/she has the necessary conditions. Please read the terms and expenses of getting a residence permit and its extension in the articles “Residence Permit fees in Turkey (2019)” and “what you need to know about extending the residence permit in Turkey”. Foreign nationals who have got a residence permit in Turkey can rent a home. In order to not face with any problem in future when contracting a lease by a foreigner it is better to perform it according to the law. If you are planning to rent a house in Turkey, be sure to read the article about “what should be considered when renting a home in Turkey?”.


Reasons for the expulsion of foreign nationals from Turkey

If a foreign person has announced against the public security and political issues by the Ministry of Interior, that person should leave the country within a specified period of time. otherwise, he/she will be fired. The expulsion process is fully covered by the Ministry of Interior. you can read other reasons on this issue in the article: “Reasons of foreigner’s deportation in Turkey

Getting the citizenship of Turkey

in the current year, Important changes have occurred in Turkish citizenship laws. The conditions and financial criteria for investment that foreigners had to comply with before have been reduced and facilitated. So, you can read about the changes that have been occurred in facilitating Turkish citizenship by clicking on the “Get Turkish Citizenship for $250,000”.

Immovable property sales for foreigners in Turkey

The rules for buying immovable property by foreign individuals are specified in the registration code No. 2644. Given that foreign investment in Turkey has been risen to $ 5 billion annually and is expected to increase over the coming years, it’s not bad to know the answers of common questions on this issue. We have collected all of them in the article: “Immovable property sales to foreigners in Turkey”.

Benefits of buying a home in Turkey for foreigners

In a country like Turkey, where the real estate sector is so important, buying property is a great investment. For those who want to get citizenship or residence in Turkey, buying property is the easiest way. Buying property along with getting citizenship and residence will have many benefits. For more information, please click on the article “Buy a home and have a comfortable life in Turkey“. What should foreigners do to buy a property in Turkey? What are the restrictions on property purchase for foreigners? You can have the answers by reading the article on “Benefits of investment for foreigners in Turkey”. Also, you can have “required information about the inheritance conditions regarding immovable property of a foreigner in Turkey“. The subject of the article is a brief overview of how to transfer immovable property after the death of an individual who was not a Turkish citizen. considering the possibility or impossibility of verifying the will and the need or not need of getting a certificate of inheritance is in accordance with the rules and order of the court.

Conditions of Foreigner’s Marriage in Turkey

for the marriage of two foreign nationals or a Turkish person with a foreigner to be valid in Turkey, they should marry according to the marriage authorities. When you marry a Turkish person, you can apply for permanent residence after three years from the 5 years that you have set. it will be decided by relevant authorities after a comprehensive survey of your life and not being feigned of your marriage. With this regard, what are the required documents of marriage with a foreigner? Read the required articles about marriage with a foreigner and its related laws in the article “Foreigner’s Marriage conditions in Turkey”.

Foreign Investors in Turkey

Due to the growing number of young people, Turkey has been ranked among the most highly valued foreign investors. Foreign investors who invest directly can benefit equally from the facilities provided for domestic investors. Foreigners who want to invest in Turkey will be able to benefit from tax deductions, allocation of investment, premium, and similar governmental supports. What are the benefits of foreign investors? What types of companies can foreign investors set up? What is the given tax of foreign investors? Can foreign investors get Turkish Citizenship? You can have more information about these issues in the article: What are the benefits of foreign investment in Turkey?

Conditions of opening a bank account for foreigners in Turkey

In order to open a bank account for foreigners in Turkey and conduct banking operations in this country, the Turkish government has set different rules for the convenience of foreign customers. Foreign citizens (even middle and upper-middle-class citizens) may spend a lot of time and money transferring their money to Turkey. But today, opening a bank account in Turkey is very convenient for foreigners. Although each of Turkish bank has its own particular circumstances, opening a bank account for foreigners in Turkey has a common framework and method. We have provided them in the article: “The terms and conditions of opening a bank account for foreigners in Turkey.”

Work permit in Turkey

Another valuable achievement of Article 6458 is the law according to which a work permit can also be used to reside. There are three types of licenses that can be obtained under the title of work permit in Turkey. thereby you can get a residence permit in Turkey by having such a license. Those work permits are mentioned as below:

  • Longtime work permit
  • Unlimited work permit
  • independent work permit

Each of these cases has certain terms and conditions that you can find out by clicking on the “Types of work permit in Turkey”. Work permit applications are made through Turkish consular offices abroad. Foreign nationals residing in Turkey can submit their applications directly to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, provided they have a valid residence permit within the last 6 months. You can have more information on this issue by studying the article on “How to get a Turkish work visa by investment

Foreign National’s Wage in Turkey

The amount of wage to pay for foreign employees is variable in terms of the duties of personnel. Accordingly, considering the amount of basic salary after the date of application what is the amount to be paid to a foreign person? You can have the whole information on the article: The Minimum Wage of foreigners in Turkey in 2019.

Unauthorized jobs for foreigners in Turkey

Unauthorized jobs for foreigners in Turkey, do not mean the prohibition of any job for foreigners. According to act 15 of the Law on Residence and Travel of Foreigners, foreigners in Turkey can work only in the allowed fields. The passport law also imposes restrictions on the employment of foreigners by the same token. Unauthorized and prohibited jobs for foreigners can be found in the article: “unauthorized job titles for foreigners in Turkey”.

Driving rules and regulations for foreigners in Turkey

Turkey may be one of your upcoming trips for fun or work. For more convenience, there is the possibility of renting a car in Turkey, which means that when you arrive in Turkey you can rent your intended car in the airport and deliver it when returning. For further information on this issue and getting familiar with the related laws you can read the article: “driving rules and regulations for foreigners in Turkey”. If you intend to drive in Turkey, be sure to read the mentioned article.

Turkish health and Dental services for foreigners

Recently, Turkish healthcare services have been greatly facilitated, and the country has reached world health standards. Also, by utilizing the facilities provided by the technology, it is possible to book an appointment easily and get the laboratory results with online operating systems. There are three different ways to book an appointment from public hospitals in Turkey. we have provided the required information about “How to book an appointment from public hospitals as a foreigner?”

Turkey is considered one of the world’s leading countries in terms of quality of service and patient satisfaction. It hosts various patients from all over the world for dental services. For those who want to receive dental services in Turkey, there are three options for getting dental services. You can have the required information in the article: “How foreigners can get dental services?”

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